Strapatsada - Red Eggs Recipe from Peloponnese

By Ruth Bardis

Στραπατσάδα Πελοποννήσου

A delicious recipe from Ruth's multi-awarded Greek cookbook Hellenic Kanella. 

This is beyond question one of my childhood picks for that quick, healthy snack. We rarely ate fast food, so Mum would do her best to make vegetables taste amazing—and it worked! My sister and I would grate fresh summer tomatoes, and Mum would then finish the dish. It’s oozy from the eggs, it’s juicy from the tomatoes, it’s tasty from the caramelised onions, it’s quick, and it’s super healthy! Get yourself a loaf of bread (or a gluten-free alternative) and get ready to dip into this dish of comfort. I remember that as children we would fight over the last portion so that we could wipe the serving dish clean with our bread.

Traditionally, there is no onion added (but I choose to differ), and in regions like Kephalonia, the eggs are always scrambled, not left whole. This is great for a meze, breakfast, lunch, or even a light snack when tomatoes are in season. Serve this recipe cold or at room temperature.

Diet: Gluten-Free

Makes: 2 servings           

Time: 20 minutes 


¼ cup of high quality olive oil Armonia from Peloponnese

½ onion, diced

¼ teaspoon mild paprika

3 large, very ripe tomatoes, grated

2 eggs

1 teaspoon dried Greek oregano

Natural sea salt, to taste or can use Smoked paprika sea salt

Black pepper, to taste 


In a medium pan, heat the olive oil and sauté the onion until it is soft and caramelized.

Add the paprika, salt, and grated tomatoes. Allow the mixture to simmer, uncovered, for 10 minutes. When the liquid has evaporated by half, crack 1 egg at a time, dropping it into the pan. Allow the whites to cook (do not overcook them, as you want a runny yolk).

Sprinkle the oregano and some cracked pepper on the yolks. Take the pan off the heat, and drizzle a little olive oil over the dish just before serving.

This is best served with the pan in the middle of your table so that everyone can serve themselves. Be sure to serve it with crusty bread and feta cheese on the side. 

For scrambled eggs, beat the 2 eggs in a small bowl and pour them into the pan. With a wooden spoon, mix the eggs throughout the tomato mixture. Cook the eggs until they are well done.

Kali Orexi!

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