Our philosophy. An authentic food odyssey.

Our story here at Grecian Purveyor is pure and simple. It stems from our passion for high quality natural Greek products, sourcing them back to their original lands, wherever that’s possible; from Chania in Crete to Zagori in Epirus, and from Kozani’s valleys to the Spartan mountains. We believe that food can be of the highest quality, and full of its original luxurious flavours when it is true to its authentic land. Natural, raw, honest food free from additives, fertilisers or pesticides, that grows organically or naturally, just like Mother Nature intended it to!

Sourcing the right producers and staying true to our philosophy isn’t an easy task. We take our passion seriously, because we value organic farming, traditional production processes and natural harvesting methods. We are true supporters of small independent producers and authentic food artisans, who share our beliefs and provide us with their premium quality produce.   

And like you, we love indulging on those fine, gourmet and award-winning flavours too. Organic raw honey with royal jelly, premium black truffle oil, the finest red saffron, homemade fig marmalade, truffle salt, handmade organic chocolates, superior extra virgin olive oil, organic mountain tea and naturally smoked pure sea salt, just to name a few…

Your appetite. Our purpose.

Australians love the finest of flavours, quality ingredients and healthy superfoods, and especially those growing naturally under the blessed Mediterranean sun. And it’s our purpose to help Australians discover the true Greek cuisine and its foods, and indulge on those premium, authentic and high-quality delicacies from all over Greece. Whether you are a cooking lover, a food connoisseur, a home entertainer or simply love Greek cuisine, we aim to bring to you the finest ingredients for an authentically luxurious gastronomical experience! And if your appetite desires something new, please get in touch.

Our future.

To continue unveiling more of the very best of Greek products to the world, and source premium, gourmet, natural and organic Greek produce directly from authentic artisans across Greece. We love our fine delicacies, and we know you will too!

Our Founder.


Our producers

Ladi Biosas is a family olive oil producer of organic ultra premium extra virgin olive oils in Kalamata, Peloponnese.

Mountain Treasures Logo

Mountain Treasures is an organic herbal farm in the mountains of Zagori in Ioannina, Epirus.

Vassilakis Estate

Vassilakis Estate is a long-standing olive oil producer in Mirrabelo, Crete.


Kumilio is an authentic fig artisan in Kimi in the island of Evia.

Salt Odyssey

Salt Odyssey - A fine sea salt producer at the salt ponds of Messolonghi in Aitoloakarnania.

Sakellaropoulos, an award winning single estate producer of organic extra virgin olive oil and olives in Sparta, Peloponnese.

Krokos Kozanis Logo

The Cooperative of Organic Saffron Producers of Kozani in Macedonia, Northern Greece.


Stayia farm is a small family organic farm in the island of Evia producing honey and olive oil.


Geodi, meaning “ode to land” is a producer of all natural jams, marmalades and sauces based in Athens.


An all things natural and  traditional local apiary of pure, raw honey in Crete.

Nestled in the mountains of Chalkidiki, in Macedonia, Greece, Forest Garden is the true truffle connoisseur of Greece. 

Our finest hand-made chocolatier with a true passion for organic creations based in Athens, Attica.


Our values

Exquisite quality flavours

We search for the most premium quality flavours for all our product ranges from across Greece, and we don’t stop until we are fully satisfied. We carefully select our products based on their highest natural taste quality. It’s no surprise that most of our products have won numerous global taste awards!

Luxuriously authentic Greek

It’s our goal and passion to help Australians discover the true gastronomic experiences that Greece has to offer. Luxurious flavours, authentic Greek ingredients and breathtaking aromas that bring your memories of Greece to life again. 

All things organic

We share your love for natural and organic products, not only because of their superior taste and health benefits, but because organic and natural farming practices protect our environment. The majority of our products are EU Certified Organic and have ISO or Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certifications.

Food ethically sourced

Traditional food artisans, family run businesses, farmers cooperatives and sustainable fair practices are all key priorities when sourcing our products. We are proud to support independent food producers by choosing them over large corporations.