Stayia Farm - Vasilissa Pure Raw Honey from the Aegean island of Evia

By William Dachris

Stayia farm is a small family organic farm and apiary on the Aegean island of Evia, Greece’s second largest island. Their aim is to produce healthy bio organic produce, free from any chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or any other forms of additives. True to their passion and beliefs in keeping plants and soil as bio organic as nature intended them to. 

Although established as a company as recently as 2012, Stayia Farm carries the expertise and tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation since the early 1950s. The younger generation is now represented by two real “green entrepreneurs”, who are driven and committed to natural apiary: Yannis Karypidis and Stavroula Theodorou, who invested in innovation, but maintained their traditional practices for the most natural honey produced!

Today, their products are on the shelves of every premium delicatessen. The goal of Stayia Farm is to produce wholesome organic products that have been exposed to no herbicides, insecticides, or fungicides. The Stayia Farm team is made up by savvy beekeepers who work hand-in-hand with nature and bees. The premium raw honeys they gather have highly distinctive flavour profiles which are bound to please even the most demanding gourmet foodies. Every single one of their products is certified by BioHellas, a prestigious inspection and certification body for organic products!

How did Stayia Farm come to life?

“The idea, conceived in May 2012, which kept us in Greece, as we were determined to pack our suitcases for London and seek a better future, due to the difficult economic situation in Greece. My wife, Stavroula, is a third-generation beekeeper, so her family provided the yeast and individuals to teach us the art of beekeeping and we established the company right away."

Where did the name Stayia Farm come from?

“Despite our initial and diverse career paths, I was an accountant and Stavroula a teacher, we are so passionate about what we do now, so we wanted something to truly represent us, therefore we used our first names – Sta (Stavroula) and Yia (Yiannis)." 

What makes Vasilissa honey so exceptional?

“Everyone that is working for Stayia Farm is a foodie. So, producing raw, wild-crafted Gourmet Honey is our purpose. Honey is like fine wine for us, which means that every season there will be a flavour, texture, and colour differences as every year the various honeys have different characteristics and flavour notes depending on the rain patterns, amount of heat and sunlight, and other natural factors.

Stayia's concept is founded on the idea of providing selection, quality and freshness at all times. Every single bio organically certified by BioHellas product is free from any chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or any other forms of additives.”

What are the plans for the future?

“Stayia Farm is a leading global innovation company because its products have uniqueness. Shortly, it plans to integrate green energy, which will protect the ecological problem of our planet. Growths rates are very fast and change every year, more people are coming in with knowledge to help us develop both our products and our quality. The people at Stayia Farm never relax. The aim is to establish itself in the Greek and international market, highlighting the quality characteristics of Greek honey, each time making high-quality products. Greece, with rich production of various varieties of honey, puts the business ideas of Yiannis Karypides and Stavroula Theodorou on the rails of implementation, reaching the table of consumers worldwide, allowing them to leave their mark on the modern market food.”


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