Ladi Biosas - The family story behind Kalamata's artisan extra virgin olive oil

By Grecian Purveyor, William Dachris

A small family producer from Kalamata, Greece, with a great idea... Ladi Biosas re-imagined high quality olive oil and created a luxury product that brought together the love for art, creativity and culinary euphoria. Ladi Biosas has won 10 international awards in the last 8 years, for both quality and design, but above all has won people's hearts all over the world, from Greece to USA and from Europe to Middle East, and in 2020 it joined Grecian Purveyor in Australia...

Grecian Purveyor brings Ladi Biosas to Australia. Best organic olive oil in Australia from Kalamata Greece. Gourmet oil for home cooking and chefs Coming to Australian shores was a quite sentimental moment, a dream come true for the Nikolaides family, and we're so honoured that we contributed to it.

“Our parents had migrated to Austalia during the 60s, we were born there... there is a strong bond with the land Down Under. We even created a poster dedicated to PATRIS 'Πατρίς' the iconic ship that brought thousands of Greeks to Australia. A new voyage starts for our Ladi Biosas |||| λάδι βιώσας. Welcome to Australia!”  Fofi Nikolaides 

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A voyage from the mountainous Kefalovryso

Set amidst beautiful junipers, citruses and arbutus trees at an altitude of 600 meters in the area of Kefalovryso (40km from Kalamata-Peloponnese), Ladi Biosas’ organically farmed olive grove, family-owned since 1892, yields exceptional crops that produce a premium single estate monovarietal extra virgin olive oil. The whole family and their friends get together every year and select by hand 100% Koroneiki variety olives, the regal variety! Everyone is seriously dedicated to the preservation of high quality olive oil and organic farming. The family takes a real holistic approach, with a vertically integrated production process, environmentally-friendly and organic agriculture to guarantee quality across every stage (cultivation, harvest, production and design) of the process without ever compromising on their values. 

"Thus…. our keyboards often have traces of soil, our linen carrying sacks are decorated with silkscreens printings, the workers on the estate are friends who collaborate and will meet at the end of a hard working day around the dining table to share a piece of their experience, a part of themselves, in a way creating the memories of the future." Vassilis Nikolaides 

RAW LUXURY - Indulging in the Simple Pleasures

Ladi Biosas - “λάδι βιώσας” - is a word play on the epicurean phrase “láthe biṓsas”, our family's company name was chosen in reference to the epicurean ideals of life based on simplicity, tranquility and finding pleasure in the little things. From the family-owned grove to the stylish bottle, Ladi Biosas is lovingly crafted with this philosophy in mind. Inspiring you to live a life with a deviant way far from the Sirens of commercial lifestyle, outdated working patterns and predetermined role models... 

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A true masterpiece 

Ladi Biosas - “λάδι βιώσας” - is a true masterpiece from whichever angle one sees it… The company worked with renowned Greek artist Takis Katsoulidis to create its distinctive doric style glass bottles with natural oak stoppers, each of which is numbered and signed by the artist himself. The font is his creation too! The award winning logo is designed by the Art Team of Ladi Biosas, Myrto Grammatikakis and Edelexia. And the stunning ceramic bottles are handmade by Greece's most famous ceramist George Vavatsis. The final product is simply SUPERB! 

well-balanced organic first cold pressed premium extra virgin olive oil with medium fruitiness, bitterness and pungent taste. It's delicate, bright, fresh and intensively fruity extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity of 0.1-0.2 and with very high content of oleic acid and polyphenols that give it vast health benefits and therapeutic properties. The flavours that emerges are tomato leaves, eucalyptus and a combination of herbaceous and fresh grass taste.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you really don’t realise what you’re missing out on... end the wait and see the whole range HERE... and be transported to the olive groves of Kalamata through your tastebuds!



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