Zorbabook - Interview with William Dachris from Grecian Purveyor

By Dimitris Palaiogiannis

THE ZORBABOOK - The Greek Food Network

Grecian Purveyor was recently invited to join the Greek food network, Zorbabook, as a global ambassador of Greek gastronomy, which digitally interviewed our founder William Dachris during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here is the online video interview in Greek and with English subtitles of the "Meet our Partners" series by Zorbabook.


About Zorbabook

Zorbabook's mission is to support and promote Greek products, cuisine and gastronomy tourism at a global level. The key to success is working towards the direction of cooperations and synergies. Zorbabook incorporates the digital age trends with the power of joining forces. It provides the online networking space, promotional & sales tool for the Greek gastronomy value chain worldwide.

The goal is through collaborations, to raise awareness of the uniqueness, variety and richness of Greek gastronomy, resulting in further development and benefits for stakeholders at regional, national and international level.

Connecting explorers with undiscovered destinations, local culture, food and people. We are creating an ecosystem of unique brands & professionals from the whole value chain of Greek gastronomy worldwide. Our goal, to strategically promote Greek gastronomy and products globally, while contributing in the development of food tourism in Greece.


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