|||| The Pink Project: “A Bottle with a Story to Tell”

By Fofi Nikolaides and William Dachris

It's a family story...

My family has a very strong connection and more than 130 years of heritage when it comes to the making of the Art of Olive Oil, as we say within the family.

Olive oil for us is a connection with the past, the present and the future. The olive tree has been a symbol of peace for thousands of years.  It is interesting to see the power than an olive tree has and can pass a “message” so important for the formation of our societies because it represents peace, democracy and freedom.  It's a powerful indication that an olive tree and olive oil is an inspiration of creativity and imagination, no matter of how many years will pass. 

Pink Bottle Ladi Biosas and Grecian Purveyor to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Australia

I realised that the freedom of expression can lead you to many wonderful projects. Who could have ever imagined that a new project was on the horizon? More than a half a year ago my family started exporting our Ladi Biosas λάδι βιώσας into Australia. Our parents had migrated to Australia during the sixties, we were born there... a strong bond with the land Down Under. A new voyage started for our Ladi Biosas family in 2020.

Our “return” to Australia, a dream come true, was materialised by our partner William Dachris from Grecian Purveyor. William shares the same passion and ideology as us when it comes to quality of Greek artisanal and ethically sourced organic products. Strong heritage and culture are the key elements for our business; Therefore, it was a fast understanding between our both companies, full of synergies!  

It was early this year when William proposed, in one of our conversations, that with the synergy of creative people we can make a difference and create awareness of a very strong issue that is still touching the lives of many people we know, which is breast cancer. The Pink Project was conceived and it didn’t take a long time to think about it. The answer was already given from my side before the actual question was even asked.  Since my family’s Ladi Biosas extends its concerns beyond a premium commercial product, it was an instant agreement to share our dynamics for a good cause. Right away I experienced intense feelings that, even though, we are a family olive oil producer and a distributor, I realised that we can make an impact. We mutually decided to create a bottle with “A Story To Tell”. The Pink Project now had a message! William inspired us to a global lift off to our distributors in USA, Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and, of course, Greece.  

Pink Bottle Ladi Biosas and Grecian Purveyor Australia fundraiser for breast cancer awareness.

After my conversation with William I contacted our ceramist George Vavatsis, who is responsible for making our handmade Ceramic Ladi Biosas product line. In less than a minute of discussion he enthusiastically agreed to be the creator of the Pink Bottle. He expressed his genuine honour in participating in such project. After a few months of dedication of all participating parties the Pink bottle with “A Story To Tell” was formed. Our family’s internationally awarded organic extra virgin olive oil is bottled in a handmade Ceramic Edition bottle with the sophisticated dusty pink colour to commemorate the cause. Our bottle, bears our logo with the Apollonia fonts, creation of the Messenian engraver Takis Katsoulidis.

We hope that the Pink Ladi Biosas Bottle will spread the story of breast cancer awareness. Each country will contribute to a local cancer charity of their choice.  

The Pink Bottle By Ladi Biosas and Grecian Purveyor to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Australia. #WEARITPINK wear it pink

I am so mesmerised with the power of synergies of our global forces and the positive impact that we can have. As nearly everyone is impacted by breast cancer in some way. Everyone has a story to tell. The more educated society is, the greater defence there is against cancer. I believe that it is everybody’s obligation to educate, prevent, learn more and bring awareness to a prolific disease.  

The Pink Project: “A Bottle with a Story to Tell”  

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