The Meditteranean Lifestyle Magazine - Grecian Purveyor Feature

By Elena & Melisa Koyunseven

When the editors of one of our favourite magazines approached us to be featured in it, we were beyond honoured and excited. We present you the Winter 2020 Edition of the world's leading magazine for all things mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle Magazine - TML

The Mediterranean Lifestyle Magazine is the worlds leading magazine about mediterranean gastronomy and diet and Grecian Purveyor, Australia's Purveyor of finest Greek foods, was one of the main features for Winter 2020 issue.Do As The Mediterraneans Do!

Founded in 2018, The Mediterranean Lifestyle is a vibrant and tastefully produced digital magazine and platform that promotes the entire Mediterranean region with an emphasis on the 7 PRINCIPLES of the Mediterranean lifestyle, a unique way to live a healthier and longer life. It is a great pictorial and editorial resource for all enthusiasts worldwide wishing to discover and explore the famous Mediterranean Diet, Food Recipes, Lifestyle, Travel, Culture and Sustainability whilst remaining trustworthy, reliable and steadfast in the relationships that we develop and nurture with our partners and clients.

TML is an aggregator of all things Mediterranean and powerful in the various segments it represents and to this effect, we believe in collaborating and partnering with multiple parties to combine and consolidate the content in a purposeful and easy format for our readers to read and enjoy.

Our quarterly magazine is lovingly compiled by our small in-house team and regular contributors. consisting of a creative group of writers, photographers, passionate food-bloggers and professional chefs. Each has their own story to tell and we love to relay their authentic first- hand stories and knowledge that bring the Mediterranean directly to you.

We like to think that each of our issues is a unique and timeless recording of true Mediterranean Lifestyle. Our mission is simply to share and preserve the beauty of all things Mediterranean, irrespective of country and political divisions, a warm and welcoming community and a vast majestic region without borders.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle is for all enthusiasts who want to discover the elements that make up this enriching way of life. We cover food, travel, culture, wellness, the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and sustainability, through the lens of the Mediterranean. Through our rich, authentic and diverse content, we aim to inspire, guide and show our readers how to live a happier, healthier and longer life. We are the only platform and marketplace worldwide where authentic and local businesses introduce themselves, promote their products and experience and share their unique lifestyle.
Because it’s not only a diet, it’s a way of living. 

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