The Greek Easter Feast by Australia's most passionate Greek food lovers.

By William Dachris - Grecian Purveyor

Orthodox Easter, Pascha, (Πάσχα)is the centerpiece of Greek food culture and the most sacred event in the Greek calendar. It starts with The Great Lent on Clean Monday seven weeks before Easter Sunday. Therefore, there is a plethora of vegan and vegetarian dishes for anyone to taste, which still surprises so many that believe Greek food always involves meat! However, the final Greek Easter celebration is a traditional meat feasts affair involving numerous meat and fish dishes satisfying the most demanding meat lovers! Each region, from Crete to Macedonia, and from Ionian islands to Cyprus, has its own variations of dishes, but one thing that all share is true "φιλοξενία". 

Greeks are known for their hospitality and the warmest welcome to an Easter table full of generous and delicious dishes; but in these uncertain times we can't have huge gatherings to celebrate Orthodox Easter, but what we can, instead, is to share some of our beloved Easter recipes with all of you to cook and celebrate at home.

That's why we teamed up with Australia's most passionate Greek food lovers, who cooked and shared with us an array of traditional and modern Greek dishes that are eaten during Easter time. From vegan and vegetarian soups that are eaten during the days of lent, to deliciously aromatic Easter bread, known as tsoureki, and from grilled octopus and fish to lamb roasts and gourmet quail with saffron and grapes...

If you aren't salivating from excitement yet, you will surely be very soon, as we will be revealing a recipe in our journal every day, from tomorrow all the way to Orthodox Easter Sunday on 19th April 2020!


Introducing Australia's most passionate Greek food lovers


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