Mediterranean Tagliatelle with Sea Fennel Pesto and Tomatoes

By Promithion & William Dachris

Some days there is no enough time to prepare complicated and delicious dishes, so if you're looking to prepare a quick dinner that's full of flavour then you'll absolutely love this dish, as much as I do! Greek tagliatelle with olives, tomatoes and feta cheese go perfectly well with this organic sea fennel pesto. If you have never tried sea fennel pesto before, you simply must, it is the perfect alternative to regular pesto, but it has a more robust wholesome complex flavour and sea fresh salinity that has won chefs' hearts in recent years. It's one of those flavours that can really take you by surprise!



  • Bring water with salt to a boil on a medium/high heat.
  • When the water boils, then add the pasta.
  • Cook the pasta till they are al dente. (Depending on personal preference)
  • Take the pasta from the pan and drain well.
  • Add the cooked pasta in a large bowl and mix in the sea fennel pesto sauce.
  • Mix very well and add extra virgin olive oil, more salt if you wish and plenty of grounded pepper.
  • Serve the sea fennel pesto pasta on plates and garnish with cherry tomatoes (halved) and dress with more olive oil.
  • You can add some anchovies on top if not vegan and want some more sea salt flavour in your dish

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