GREEK CITY TIMES: Handpicked Greek Gourmet Delicacies come to Australia


The long-lived dream of sharing his love and passion for authentic Greek foods and exquisite luxurious flavours has become a reality for Vasileios Dachris from Epirus.

The Greek gourmet foodie has recently launched an online boutique brand ‘Grecian Purveyor’, selling premium authentic Greek delicacies, and delivering them directly to consumers nationwide.

Some of their handpicked gourmet and award-winning delicacies include pure raw honey, organic teas & herbs, Greek black truffle oil, the finest red saffron, homemade fig marmalade, organic extra virgin olive oils & condiments, natural handmade sweet treats, and premium truffle delicacies, just to name a few. 

The idea was on Vasileios’ mind for many years when he used to live in England. However, he states that it was in the last 3-4 years that every time he came back to Australia from his holiday in Greece and he wanted to find those delicious Greek gourmet delicacies that he enjoyed there, it was just impossible. “I wasn’t even able to find any high quality Greek extra virgin olive oil, and that’s when I realised that most Australians must share exactly the same frustrations! Together with my passion and pride for high quality Greek products is what led me to my decision that I wanted to share with all Australians the best that Greece has to offer, and the easiest and most convenient way is via an online boutique brand that can deliver directly to your doorstep anywhere in Australia!” he continued.

Vasileios spent six months around Greece last year and that was the catalyst in his decision to establish Grecian Purveyor. He had previously been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 18 years before he took the decision to put his heart and soul to something that really means so much to him. “It has been a very challenging journey of course, but seeing the interest and love from so many across Australia already, has certainly made me realise that it was the right decision!” he noted. 

The high-quality natural products have been sourced from all over Greece – from Chania in Crete to Zagori in Epirus, and from Kozani’s valleys to Spartan mountains. 

“Sourcing the right producers and remaining true to our philosophy isn’t an easy task. We take our passion seriously because we value organic farming, traditional production processes, and natural harvesting methods. We are true supporters of small independent producers and authentic food artisans, who share our beliefs and provide us with their premium quality produce.”

Grecian Purveyor’s online boutique gives Australians the opportunity to seek Greek authentic ingredients that grow under the Mediterranean sun, and help them further discover the true Greek cuisine.

“Whether you are a cooking lover, a food connoisseur, a home entertainer or simply love Greek cuisine, we aim to bring to you the finest ingredients for an authentically luxurious gastronomical experience!”

Brainstorming the name, ‘Grecian Purveyor’ was quite simple Vasileios states. “I wanted something that clearly states the Hellenic element of my brand, and Grecian does just that. Then Purveyor is to provide all those Greek products to Australians. Being from a marketing background has certainly helped to create a brand with a boutique and high-quality sound to it, such as Grecian Purveyor. I hope you’ll love the Grecian Purveyor brand, as much as I do!” he further added. 

This is the beginning for Grecian Purveyor which aspires to “become the central point for all things Greek when it comes to food, providing additional value to our consumers with news, recipes, ideas, tips, and education on Greek food culture and origins of its produce. Whilst we continue bringing new gourmet Greek products to Australia to please all those discerning tastes!”

Your tastebuds will thank you later, so check out Grecian Purveyor.

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