Chocolate truffles with orange agrumato by Mina Apostolidis

By Mina Apostolidis, William Dachris & Ladi Biosas

We're beyond delighted to be introducing Mina Apostolidis, a renowned Artisan Chocolatier Chef from Belgium with a Hellenic heritage and with an international repertoire that spans across 4 continents.  

There was once a little girl whose eyes shone every time she was offered chocolate, a girl whose silence was bribed with little chunks of milk chocolate with almonds.
Then, one day she received the key to creation, a cook book. And her adventure began… melting, moulding and crafting chocolate into treats for family and friends. She would put them in empty coffee jars, decorate them with hand-painted labels with flowers and the words “Chez Mina”.
She learned to make them feel as special as they had done for her.

Now that girl is me but my adventure remains the same; to search the world’s garden for flavours to create chocolates that will make you feel special!

Mina Apostolidis from Belgium and Grecian Purveyor ins Australia in collaboration with Ladi Biosas to create Orange Agrumato chocolate truffles. Buy Online in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and get free delivery.

I believe that to create a desire or an unforgettable experience by using what is officially named “Food of Gods”* is a wonderful, everyday challenge... I feel blessed...

(*)”Theobroma cacao” is the scientific name of the cocoa tree, deriving from the ancient Greek “Theon Vrosi”, the “Food of Gods”.

A chocolate that had an affair with an olive oil... 

Mina and Ladi Biosas had come together and created a magnificent chocolate truffle named SOFIA "Σοφία". This isn't just a mouthwatering chocolate truffle, but it is the unification of the two sacred trees Theobroma Cacao Tree, the food of the Greek gods, and Olive Tree, the tree of wisdom and peace. It was an instant Love Affair that became a truffle chocolate...

A dark chocolate ganache, based on Guanaja chocolate, flavoured with organic orange preserve that has being paired with our organic Ladi Biosas Agrumato Orange extra virgin olive oil. The final result is quite simply... to die for!

Gourmet grocer Grecian Purveyor in Sydney presents chocolate truffles with Orange agrumato pressed olive oil. Best gourmet shopping online.

They kindly shared the recipe with Grecian Purveyor, and we are so excited that now you can all try making orange chocolate truffles at home.


1/3 of a cup of heavy cream - 35% fat

200g of high quality milk chocolate - chopped in rough pieces

1/3 of cup of orange marmalade/preserve

4 tablespoons of Ladi Biosas Orange Agrumato EVOO 

1/2 a cup of cacao powder with no adder sugar


Place all the heavy cream in a pot to boil. Then add the chocolate pieces, take it off the heat and allow it to rest for 2 minutes.

Then mix very well until is all blended and has created a beautiful even ganache. Then you add the marmalade and the orange Agrumato and mix very well.

Cover the mix and allow it to rest in the fridge for 3 hours minimum.

Take the mix out of the fridge and create small chocolate truffles and roll them across the cacao powder.


Chocolate truffles with orange agrumato olive oil recipe by Mina Apostolidis and Grecian Purveyor. Gourmet grocer of best Greek products in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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