Greek Risotto with Snails and Smoked Paprika Recipe

By Fereikos & William Dachris

Escargots or snails may put some people off, but you got to try this absolutely delicious Greek risotto recipe to truly appreciate this delicacy. The Fereikos rice with snails, smoked paprika and vegetables is the perfect introduction to people who are new to the snail flavour profile, a magnificent culinary creation with savoury and earthy umami!

It's a delicious dish to be eaten by itself or as the perfect accompaniment to any meat you prefer.



Bring the water to boil, add the salt and the olive oil in the water and mix.

Pour in the packet of Fereikos escargots rice and stir well for a minute.

Reduce the heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes until the rise is cooked. Stir at intervals.

Just before taking it off the heat add the butter, season with smoked paprika sea salt and add the cream cheese and mix well.

Serve on the plate, grate some cheese on top, season with pepper and finally garnish with some olive oil on top.


Snails risotto and smoked paprika recipe from gourmet grocer Grecian Purveyor.

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